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Successful You!

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Hi there. I'm Nicole

Coach and confidante for high achievers and people pleasers

I help amazing people like you get rid of that voice in your head (you know the one) that's always questioning and doubting and criticising your efforts at home and at work.

It's the one keeping you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

It stops you from making that next move.

It has you second-guessing everything.

It's holding you to impossible standards.


It means you can never switch off.

That critical, doubtful voice is frustrating as hell, right?


I can help with that.

What my clients say

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'Amazing' is a much overused word these days, but it absolutely sums up my experience of coaching with Nicole.

Not only did she rapidly help me unlock the professional situation I went to her with (which had been causing me huge amounts of stress for several years, and which I could not see a way out of), she then took me to a place of invigorating excitement for my future directions. 

Nicole is highly supportive, unerringly perceptive, and invariably comes up with exactly the question or observation to shift perspectives or ingrained patterns of thinking.

Can't recommend highly enough.

Phil Whitaker - Writer, medical practitioner and commentator

Overthinking isn't an option for you anymore, right?

Perfectionism, people pleasing and procrastination. You've got the T-shirt.


You've tried personal development books, journalling and even some counselling or therapy. And nothing's really shifted. But this time things are different. You've had enough. You've decided that you don't want to settle.

You want to start to take action to live the life you know you were meant for.

You want your life to be as successful and happy as it possibly can. 

You want a life that matters, that satisfies you and gives you great money and freedom too. 


You don't want that constant feeling you "should" or "could" do things differently.

You don't want that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you're "not good enough." Again.

Well, the good news is that you're in the right place. My favourite thing to do is help you get rid of that voice. 

Together we'll put better things in its place.

Things like a serious dose of self-belief around your own abilities and potential.

Or courage so you can take massive action and not obsess about failing or what other people think.

Good things that help you move forwards, that help you move past that frustration you feel.

I've helped countless clients think differently and start taking action to build thriving, successful, happy lives.

And I'd love to help you too.

for mindset motivation 

and get my guide “How to take imperfect action when you're a perfectionist” for free!

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