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What would you say to someone thinking about working with me?

"You're personable, relatable, with high emotional intelligence, and knowledgeable with theories behind certain feelings, thoughts or actions. I would recommend to anyone who is lacking confidence in themselves as a person or a leader."

What my clients say


"What I love about Nicole is that she really gets you as a person and instantly felt very comfortable working together and she can piece together strands from different sessions with ease.

I love being challenged and she has the right blend of doing this but in a very gentle manner. The insights provided were so useful and enabled me to move forwards in the big decision but also put in place so much more!!

She is a very giving person who always delivered more than I expected and the time working was both serious but at the same time fun and upbeat.

Anyone that gets the opportunity to be coached by you is a very lucky individual and will get an awful lot from it. You are a wonderful human being, so uplifting and motivational. "

Andy, Financial Advisor

What did you value most about our coaching?

“The supportive non-judgmental space and the growth in me from working with you."

"I chose Nicole as my coach because I felt a personal connection with her. I did not really know what to expect, but her coaching exceeded my expectations! Regarding my career choices, she literally helped sort my life by helping me find my professional voice. 

Our sessions made me think a lot about some of my traits - perfectionism, procrastination and people pleasing, and Nicole said things that will stay with me forever! There are lots of things I do differently after only a few hours of coaching and I now have a more positive view on the things I like the least in me.

A massive thank you - you inspire trust, calm (something I love and admire in people) and you definitely had a huge impact on my life. Basically, you are a beautiful human being and a great coach!"


Medical translator


“I wanted to work with Nicole around getting clarity, finding my voice and a direction on moving forward. As a result of our sessions I’m not such a perfectionist any more. I let go a lot more and am very aware of the judgemental part of my self talk and now see it as it is - just thoughts! 

Nicole’s feedback and support, was excellent. She is a wonderful coach who goes above and beyond giving a wonderfully caring safe space for maximum growth with gentleness and ease.


I am a coach myself and have been coached and trained with some of the best in the coaching world including Tony Robbins. There is no doubt that Nicole’s service is one of the best I’ve experienced and I am very grateful to have worked with her! With Nicole’s gentle assistance you may uncover your own true hopes and dreams and realize them, living your own life by design not default."


Life/business coach and trainer


“Coaching was a great investment  - money well spent. Nicole supported me and helped me realise my great potential and helped me identify strategies and habits that created a new version of myself.


As a result of coaching I’ve done a social media detox - I’ve deactivated all social media apps including Twitter, and I’m spending time reading and exercising.


Nicole is a great coach, she listened and helped me to find the answers within me by asking direct questions. She gave me a safe place to talk, challenged me to think deeper, helped me realize my strengths and to celebrate small successes. It was a self-discovery journey that increased my self-awareness & confidence.”



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